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  1. You are a wonderful actress and you have brought so much humour and enjoyment into the lives of people like my wife and I. Your tallent and versitility is remarkable. Bill Truslove, Victor Harbour, South Australia.

  2. Celia,
    Seeing you on “the one Show” a few nights ago reminder me how beautiful you are, over the years I’ve watched you in a number of things and each year you become more beautiful and we share a birth date, but separate by 8 years (1960)

    Wishing you well for the future.

    Patrick x

  3. hi Celia,
    I caught most of your interview with Mark Lawson and was surprised that you had never tied the knot, so is it true that you have remained single throughout your 62 years of life?
    The question I would really like to ask is; are you never lonely or are you a serial monogamist moving from one man to another for as long as it lasts, or are you a free spirit at heart and spend long periods of time man free
    A somewhat impertinent question I admit, and perhaps an intrusive one, but one I’d love to know the answer to.
    Well, even if I don’t receive an answer, I wish you well with those extra 20+ years you reckon you’ve got to come in the tv/movie business your employed in.

    best wishes

  4. Hi Celia, watched you in Graham Norton and you looked stunning. In fact you always have the most amazing clothes, I just wondered where you get them, as I’d love to copy some of your styles. I quite understand if you don’t want to share, but we’re unlikely to end up in the same place wearing the same thing! Thanks

  5. You always have a twinkle in your eye and a smile upon your lips. You remind us that life is fun. Thank you.

  6. Dear Celia,

    It is so inspiring to hear you speak about your life. Thank you for being so down to earth, and open about your highs and lows.
    You look fabulous, by the way ! A timeless beauty. Dont talk yourself into going in 20 years. I’m sure you have many more years than that to adventure and write, and inspire us all.

    Best wishes,

  7. Dear Celia,
    I just watched you in “Welcome….” and especially appreciated when you were preparing yourself in front of a mirror. Being only three years your junior I know the critical eye we use at such a time, and you were perfect! It’s still a shock to me, expecting the 25 year old Adonis I was, only to be greeted by an old codger that could be my dad. Oh well, time marches on, and you are putting up a wonderful fight! Good luck, and love to a superior actress.

  8. Dear Celia,
    Hello to you from Sydney, Australia. I loved all of you in the “Marigold Hotel” movies. I have just finished your recent book, which I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope there will be a sequel?
    Kind regards,

  9. Hi Celia,

    I just want to say how honoured I am to be likened to you by my husband!!!!!!!! He told me today that the picture he has of me in his wallet is a reminder of you!!!! I am terrible with names, but when I looked you up on Google I was surprised! and my ego has been lifted for the first time in my life. I have loved all your TV programmes and films and shall now watch and cherish your work with added delight. My husband has good taste!

    I do so hope you continue longer than 20 years as I am 3 years your senior and now have hope that all is not lost in the glamour for the mature woman.



  10. Hello Celia,-you r the only actress who can make me want to work in a boutique-watch live theatre-etc-i am a Trainspotting escapist filmgoer but i watch everything of yours. Just posted a favourable Amazon review of Happy Hoofer. Your never having married is just awesome- Well loads of love-and more happy hoofing aplenty-

  11. Hiya! :) sending greetings from Arizona …. i had to stop & say hi after feeling like we have already met IRL thru our mutual – Hugh Elliot.

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