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  1. You are a wonderful actress and you have brought so much humour and enjoyment into the lives of people like my wife and I. Your tallent and versitility is remarkable. Bill Truslove, Victor Harbour, South Australia.

  2. Celia,
    Seeing you on “the one Show” a few nights ago reminder me how beautiful you are, over the years I’ve watched you in a number of things and each year you become more beautiful and we share a birth date, but separate by 8 years (1960)

    Wishing you well for the future.

    Patrick x

  3. hi Celia,
    I caught most of your interview with Mark Lawson and was surprised that you had never tied the knot, so is it true that you have remained single throughout your 62 years of life?
    The question I would really like to ask is; are you never lonely or are you a serial monogamist moving from one man to another for as long as it lasts, or are you a free spirit at heart and spend long periods of time man free
    A somewhat impertinent question I admit, and perhaps an intrusive one, but one I’d love to know the answer to.
    Well, even if I don’t receive an answer, I wish you well with those extra 20+ years you reckon you’ve got to come in the tv/movie business your employed in.

    best wishes

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