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CeliaCelia Diana Savile Imrie (born 15 July 1952) is an Olivier Award-winning English actress. In a career starting in the early 1970s, Imrie has played Marianne Bellshade inBergerac, Philippa Moorcroft in Dinnerladies, Miss Babs inAcorn Antiques, Diana Neal in After You’ve Gone and Gloria Millington in Kingdom. She has been described as “one of the greatest British actresses of recent decades”.
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CeliaAn accomplished actress and comedienne, Celia’s comic timing and sympathetic performances have made her a fixture on our screens. Regarded through her association with the work of Victoria Wood, Celia’s rich and varied CV comprises Sparkhouse, Bridget Jones’ Diray and the 2005 drama Mr Harvey Lights A Candle.
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