Let’s dive in and check out some of my adventures…
From Shakespeare to Swaziland via The House of Whipcord.

I am very flattered you should want to know why a doctor’s daughter seal-homefrom Guildford would be persuaded to take her top off behind a plate of cherry bakewells, and thinks the only way to travel anywhere on earth is on the Queen Mary.

I love being nosey too.
Thank you for your visit…do come again.



6 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I have seen you in a selection of television programmes and feature films. I have watched Exotic Marigold Hotel 6 times and cannot wait for the second film to hit the screens. I just loved the way you said with such authority and confidence that you were Princess Margaret.

    One thing that I simply cannot believe is that you have not yet been awarded at least a OBE … even a CBE? Truly astonishing.

    Hoping that filming is going to schedule. Oh and I saw an interview with you about Titanic – the Julian Fellowes production. Must do some research. Never knew about it.

    And tell Dame Judi to put in a good word for you with Graeme Norton. She has been on three times and you would be wonderful.

    Roll on the June Birthday Honours list and holding thumbs,

    Regards and thank you for hours of enjoyment!!!

  2. Hi Celia.You were my favorite character in “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.So excited that a sequel is coming, and that you will be back! Ed

  3. Dear Celia – Each time I see you on TV I think how much I want to write and thank you for the years of pleasure and delight. So this is what I am doing now – I didn’t think it would be so easy. I do appreciate so much your presence and acting which is always spot on. I still yearn for The Riff Raff Element – how I wish it could be repeated. Best wishes from me in Sydney.

  4. I think you’re one of the most brilliant actresses now and in the past and enjoy watching your effortless renditions of whatever parts you play.

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